Commercial Tobacco

  • Commercial tobacco is completely different than traditional tobacco. Commercial tobacco is a destroyer, while traditional tobacco is a healer.
  • Commercial tobacco is an industrial product containing dangerous and toxic chemicals.
  • There are many types of commercial tobacco products sold in Canada. The most known commercial product that is manufactured and sold across the world are cigarettes. Did you know cigarettes have over 4000 harmful chemicals in them…including at least 43 known cancer-causing chemicals!
  • Other commercial tobacco products besides cigarettes are smokeless tobacco products such as chew and snuff, flavoured products, pipes and cigars, and electronic cigarettes/vaporizers.

Traditional (Sacred) Tobacco

What is traditional Tobacco?

  • Several First Nations people and communities in Canada use traditional tobacco.
  • The sacred uses of tobacco will vary from community to community but a truth remains constant, tobacco should be used for prayer, protection, respect and healings.
  • Elders teach that tobacco is one of the four sacred medicines (Sacred Tobacco, Sweet Grass, Cedar, and Sage) placed on Earth for our use. When Sacred Tobacco is used properly it can be used to communicate with the Spirit World and the Creator.

Traditional Tobacco is used to:

  • Pray;
  • Give thanks to the Creator and Mother Earth;
  • Communicate with the spirits; and
  • Purify the mind and heal the body.

Traditional Methods of Using Sacred Tobacco:

  • The smoke from tobacco being burned on sacred fires or in sacred pipes rises to the sky, carrying prayers to the spirit world.
  • Sacred Tobacco can be used as offerings to say prayers and give thanks to the Creator.
  • Sacred Tobacco in combination with other plants/herbs is used to treat some illnesses.
  • Tobacco is always offered first before guidance, advice, ceremonies, or taking from the animal or spirit world.