The following presentation was given by Murray Gibson, Executive Director of MANTRA to Teacher Champions in September.

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New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition


Students Working Against Tobacco (S.W.A.T.)


Know What’s In Your Mouth


Freeze the Industry


Minister of Health and Long-term Care


Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids


Not to Kids

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Meet Joe Chemo,a camel who wishes he’d never smoked cigarettes.

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What’s in a butt? (Via

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Top 10 You Tube Antismoking Videos


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Stop Tobacco

The Manitoba government is serious about reducing tobacco use amongst Manitobans and preventing youth from starting is one of our key goals. With your help we’ve made steady progress. Smoking rates have dropped from 29% in 1999 to 14% in 2011 for 15 to 19 year olds.

We appreciate the commitment of schools and individual teachers who provide their students with thought-provoking anti-tobacco learning experiences, such as the Know Tobacco: Review, Rate & Create program, now in its 9th year.

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The Facts of Smokeless (Spit) Tobacco via The Saskatchewan Ministry of Health

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Supported by a Health Canada grant, Smoking and Quitting is written for children in Grades 1–5 (approximately aged five to 10 years old) and meant as an educational resource. More importantly, using the book with children is a way to open dialogue about smoking: it’s intended to address common concerns as well as to give children some strategies for protecting themselves from second-hand smoke.

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Cutting Through the Smoke – A Parent’s Guide to Talking to Your Kids About Tobacco

Parents everywhere want to see their children grow up happy and healthy. And one of the best ways to ensure your children’s health is to make sure they never start smoking. Tobacco eventually kills half of the people who get hooked on it. This year, tobacco will kill about 2,000 Manitobans. The vast majority of smokers and other tobacco users start in their teens. The good news is that the kids who make it to adulthood without using tobacco will probably stay tobacco-free for life.

As a parent, you can make the difference.

You have a tremendous influence on the way your child sees the world. According to one study, children whose parents talked with them about tobacco were a lot less likely to ever smoke. The study showed that this is also true for children of parents who smoke. In fact, when parents who smoke talked to their children, the child’s chances of staying tobacco-free doubled.

This guide will help you have that conversation with your child – and help you both make the most of your talk.

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An anti-tobacco ad challenge for manitoba students

The 10 semi-finalists in the Create & Rate Challenge have been chosen and now it’s your turn to vote for your favourite anti-tobacco ad. The middle school and high school that produced the ad with the most votes will each be awarded an Apple iPad. The runners up will be awarded Sony Handycam Camcorders.

Click here to see the videos and results


Tobacco Education for Manitoba Students

Manitoba’s Back Off Tobacco resource package for teachers. It was distributed on CD-ROM to Manitoba schools in June 2010. There are no updates yet to the original CD-ROM’s contents. The following lessons and information pages are matched to selected learning outcomes contained in the Kindergarten to Grade 12 Physical Education/Health Education Manitoba Curriculum Framework of Outcomes for Active Healthy Lifestyles. In addition, some lessons include curricular connections with math, science and English language arts.

This package has been developed through the efforts of three organizations: Manitoba Healthy Living, Seniors and Consumer Affairs; the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba and Manitoba Education.

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Fantastic Resource for Nicotine Addiction, Smoking and Tobacco

This Government of Canada site is full of great information about the effects of smoking and information on how to quit. Here is brief list:

  • Help someone with quitting
  • Cost Calculator: how much do you spend on cigarettes?
  • Nicotine Addiction
  • Benefits of Quitting
  • Ricks of Smoking

Click here: Nicotine Addiction, Smoking and Tobacco 

Smoking Sessation in the Workplace Smoking Cessation in the Workplace – Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking

This guide offers great information on smoking in the workplace. Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking in particular is very interesting. Page 32!

Download Guide Here




Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 10.32.08 AMMB SWAT School Event Poster

Help promote your SWAT event with this downloadable poster (11 x 17). Mark your information along the bottom and post away.

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Manitoba Lung Association

SWAT is not a tobacco cessation program, but if you need information on tobacco reduction, contact George Koch at The Manitoba Lung Association

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Kick Butts Day Sample Pack

It’s quick, free and easy to get your Kick Butts Day Sample Pack. Just visit their site (click here) and fill out your contact information and review samples of the pamphlets will be sent to you.




Better to Breathe

Youth advisory committee on tobacco awareness, prevention and cessation.

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Got Lungs? | The Lung Association of Saskatchewan – How You Breathe

A great article on how the lung functions.


Cancer Society of Finland – Tobacco Body

See how tobacco changes people. Move the scroll button in the middle of the page to compare the differences between smokers and non-smokers. Start by clicking the girl or the boy.
(Warning – For High school or Health Fairs Only.)


“Six Million Deaths”- A interactive storytelling experience.

Visit for the full experience.