What is a SWAT team?

A SWAT team consists of high school students grades 9-12 that act as anti-tobacco   and cannabis awareness leaders in their schools and communities. Along with the student’s engagement, essential to establishing a SWAT team in any school is the identification of a teacher to ‘champion’ the SWAT team by committing the necessary time and energy the team requires. The teacher champion acts as the team facilitator and is critical in the development and sustainability of the SWAT team. The teacher champion helps the students develop their presentation skills and encourages the team to create new components for presentations. Teacher champions will receive support and information throughout the year regarding best practice in tobacco and cannabis awareness and prevention. They will also have the opportunity for additional training with their SWAT group.

Starting a SWAT Team

You’re interested in starting your own SWAT team? That’s great! Here’s some things you need to know:

  • There is NO cost to become involved in SWAT.
  • Each team must consist of a minimum of four students and a teacher facilitator (teacher champion).
  • We offer training for the students and the teacher champions.
  • SWAT teams can be trained in English or French, and all resources and materials can be provided in both languages.
  • We offer ongoing training and resources to the SWAT teams during the school year. This will take the form of newsletters, sharing resources, and face-to-face contact.
  • Please contact us if interested in starting a SWAT team at your school.

School Training Sessions

After the students and teacher champion are materialized, participating in a training session is the next crucial step in beginning a SWAT team. Full day training for SWAT teams is provided by “Super Trainer Schools” on an annual basis. The Super Trainers provide a sample presentation, answer questions and help teams develop the resources they will need to make presentations to younger students.

Schools Training Overview

On the day(s) of the training session(s) we will:

  • Cover the cost of a teacher substitute, if needed, at the regular rate charged by your school division.
  • Cover the transportation costs (mileage) for the students and teacher champions to go to a training session at the government rate of .40/km for private vehicles. If using a rental vehicle, we will cover the cost of the rental and gas. Receipts must be provided. If using a school bus, we will pay the division/district rate for the field trip.
  • Provide lunch as well as healthy snacks and beverages for the participants.
  • Provide resources including a tar jar kit, display boards, visuals, scripts, and other supplies. that you can take back with you to your school. You will also receive other materials printed out in a binder, as well as digitally via a USB. Students and the teacher champion will also receive a Manitoba SWAT t-shirt.