Roseau Valley School

On Monday February 13, Tami Thiessen from the Canadian Cancer Society invited the SWAT team from Roseau Valley School to contribute to a presentation she organized for the students of Morden Ecole Middle School. Approximately 300 Grade 5-8 students listened to statistics and dangers of smoking by Ms. Thiessen and watched some videos that she shared. Four members of this year’s Roseau Valley School’s SWAT team, Eric Piapot, Adam Thompson, Darius Thomas and Breanne Rowe-Warren did the Tar Jar activity as well as the Pig Lung activity. The students were curious about the mixture that was created, but not too many wanted to smell the mixture showing some of the chemicals in cigarettes that the team created! Volunteers from the students examined the pig lungs. Both activities were very effective, even such a large group. Leroy Kehler, a cancer survivor, gave a moving and heartfelt story relating his person struggle with tobacco addiction and throat cancer. At the end of the presentation our SWAT team connected with students, sharing SWAT tattoos.

Although this was a big step for our group to present to a group this large, they committed to the extra practises to make it happen. Roseau Valley SWAT team members meet on Thursdays at noon. There are 8 students who currently attend meetings and help plan activities. Currently we have presented to our Grade 8 class, had open practises, where students drop in and observe and participate. We delivered the Review and Rate programs this week for our classes in grades 5 to 8. Roseau Valley SWAT team is also planning to also to enter this year’s School Dragonboat challenge, teaming up with our Social Action and Rugby teams for Roseau Valley School.

-Written by Cheryl Janzen
Vice Principal/ Guidance Counsellor and SWAT teacher champion at Roseau Valley School

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